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Assessment & Diagnosis

According to Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Canadian guidelines for diagnosis, “An early diagnosis is essential to allow access to interventions and resources that may mitigate the development of subsequent ‘secondary disabilities’ (e.g., unemployment, mental health problems, trouble with the law, inappropriate sexual behaviour, disrupted school experience) among affected people.”

With a view to minimizing these ‘secondary disabilities’ and their tremendous personal, social and economic impacts, Alberta is continuously enhancing its capacity to effectively assess and diagnose individuals who may be affected by FASD. The province has a well-defined diagnostic process that results in individualized service plans.

A number of clinics across Alberta are available to individuals seeking FASD assessment & diagnosis, including the Lethbridge Family Services FASD Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic. Services include medical, cognitive, behavioural, speech and occupational therapy assessments as well as formal diagnoses by a multi-disciplinary team.