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Prevention & Awareness

By weaving accurate information about alcohol and pregnancy into the public consciousness and tying it all together with practical advice for preventing FASD, we help unravel myths and misinformation while developing the understanding, acceptance, opportunities and care people with FASD deserve.

We build awareness and promote prevention of FASD through community outreach, targeted campaigns and special events. For example:

  • Our Network Coordinator has assumed the leadership role in developing and rolling out The Prevention Conversation – a new province-wide major initiative in support of the FASD 10-Year Strategic Plan
  • Through First Steps (PCAP), we provide funding for a home visitation advocate to support women at risk
  • We spearhead marketing campaigns to raise awareness of FASD and encourage women to choose alcohol-free pregnancies
  • In late 2013, we hired a Network Prevention Facilitator to engage key audiences across our region in The Prevention Conversation – a province-wide initiative aimed at reducing the incidence of FASD