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FASD Life Span Program


McMan Youth Family and Community Service Association

McMan Youth Family and Community Service Association

www.mcman.ca • 403 328 2488

Through McMan Youth, Family and Community Services, the South Alberta FASD Network continues to expand regional mentorship, coaching and outreach services with life coaches, youth transition workers and outreach workers. The FASD Life Span Program has had significant impacts on the lives of clients with FASD and on the broader community.

The FASD Outreach Program provides education, information, support, resources, mentoring services, coaching and advocacy to parents and caregivers of children with (or suspected of having) FASD.

The FASD Life Coach Program provides one-to-one supportive mentorship and intensive case management for adults diagnosed with or suspected of having FASD. This includes assistance with employment, education, living skills, advocacy, and building natural and community supports.

The FASD Transition Worker Program provides a range of supports to successfully transitioned youth aged 16 to 22 into adulthood.